.hunter #0

And so comes the Final Entry. It's been a good ride so far, but it's gotta end. Last year The Deranged Mosquito figured I could do some good and write something short for his blog. That something short turned into .hunter, and it's been fun with the writing so far. Gotta say, I appreciate the... Continue Reading →

.hunter 8b

As y'all know, the last entry ended with shots fired. This entry continues! Sorry for the one day skip, things have been busy. Conformity time! .hunter #1 .hunter #2 .hunter #3 .hunter #4 .hunter #5 .hunter #6 .hunter #7 .hunter #8a #8 Part Two, FAITO! **************************************************************************** Mask on, full body armor and on top of... Continue Reading →

.hunter #8a

Heyo! I'm here again and you know what's up! It's been raining like karikachor here in O-town and it's a big relief compared to the heat that hell's open oven brought upon us a few weeks ago. Shey everyone is doing alright? I hope you all are doing alright. I won't take much time because... Continue Reading →

.hunter #7

Howdy folks? It's me again, and I said I'd be back. So we move on to what's important, another .hunter entry! And we're getting closer to the end of things. By now you should be running along with us, but for the sake of covering our bases, here are the other .hunter entries for you... Continue Reading →

.hunter #6

Hello I fear I may have demolished the delicate balance that is a timed schedule. But what can I say? We've all been busy. I haven't seen TDM since, and he's currently in the same city as I am. Would you look at that. To make up for the missed updates, we decided that this... Continue Reading →

.hunter #5

I bought new insecticide so I can get rid of the mosquito, but it turned out I didn't really need it. Seems the heat that exists in this city is chasing the insects away... except houseflies. Houseflies don't know just when to quit, even with all the evolution that has happened in this world. Apologies... Continue Reading →

.hunter #4

  It's been one hell of a week. Hope everyone has been having a good time so far. On my end, the mosquitoes won. I have been fighting with malaria since Sunday and I can tell you it has not been pretty. And despite all that, I am still writing for a deranged mosquito. Well,... Continue Reading →

.hunter #3

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh ... it's Thursday! I mean... it's actually Thursday and not Wednesday and oh gosh I didn't know that and now I do and I'm so sorry that I missed the next update of .hunter. It's been one hell of a week and it hasn't been very easy warping myself... Continue Reading →

.hunter #2

Hello people! It's me again, taking over Mosquito's blog because I bought new insecticide to send him away. How have y'all been? Good? I bet. It's been alright on my end, and I've been in the deep end of school clearance... so you'll forgive me for taking time to get this out to you all.... Continue Reading →

.hunter #1

Hello folks! Phylix here, and am I glad to have your attention this fine evening. It's also good to finally get to write in the edit box of WordPress... has been quite a really long while since I last did this. Now I believe you all know why I'm here, but just in case Afuye... Continue Reading →

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